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Updated: 04/12/2015

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 My e-mail address is the first letter of my first name, then my last name at my company name dot com

Please do not place this e-mail address on any web pages or give it out to any web sites, companies or organizations that may sell e-mail addresses to spammers.

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The form below should be used if you are having problems emailing us do to our e-mail server's SPAM filtering feature. It was necessary to enable this feature since I receive over 70 spam e-mails each day! You should use this form if you received a bounce message indicating that the IP address used by the senders e-mail server was blocked by our e-mail server. You should also use this form if you have not heard back from us in a few days after sending me an e-mail message. It's possible that we accidentally deleted your e-mail message thinking it was spam. E-mail messages to us should be sent as plain text, BASE-64 formatted text messages are sent to a spam trap account. I do not read these messages since this is one way spammers send out their spam to fool searching the text for keywords to block the message.

Larry Cochrane

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