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Subject: Simple VB question ?
From: Casey J Crane ogzax@........
Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2002 11:19:23 -0800

Hi all,
        I know this isn't the exact forum for this question but someone
in the PSN always seems to have an answer.

        I'm experimenting with a simple SG sensor and have built an 8 bit
A/D convertor to interface through my Lpt port. I slapped together a
Quick Basic program to run it and plot it. Works fine. Now I'm laboring
with Visual Basic to achieve better results. But I've hit a snag to which
the answer is probably simple though it eludes me.

        How do I effect a button click while the program is in a loop
type subroutine ?

        Here's the scenario; one Form, two Buttons (Start/Stop) I click
the Start button and this sends the program flow to a
loop type subroutine. It's a long loop, counting to a few hundred K.
While in the loop I cannot click any button. Only until the loop
conditions are met and the sub ends. I can't even click the Form Close

        How can I access buttons (or other objects) while the program is
pre occupied with these other little tasks ?

        Any Ideas ?

        Thanx, Casey

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