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For a scientific report I would suggest The California Earthquake of April 
18, 1906 Report of the State Earthquake Commission authored by Anderw C. 
Lawson Chairman and published by the Carnegie Institution of Washington in 
1908. It was reprinted in 1969. There is no ISBN. It is two volume set with 
accompanying map book. Each book is 9x11x2-inch and the map book is 9x11x1. 
Bound in a red cover hardback format. I found the set at the Stanford 
University Technical bookstore in downtown Palo Alto (I'm not certain they 
are still there...)  about ten years ago. The text is the complete written 
record of the event and details the physical events by town. It also 
contains a massive amount of photos with detailed descriptions.

Another scientific report, but is very difficult to obtain, is the USGS 
bulletin No. 324 published in 1907, The San Francisco Earthquake and Fire 
of April 18, 1906 and their effects on structures and Strural Materials by 
Gilbert, Humphrey, Sewell and Soule. This has a great foldout panoramic 
photo of the city take from the top of market street after the fire was 
extinguished. The publication details general lesson and a few harsh words 
about the use of dynamite to put out a fire... Some attempts were made to 
stop its (the fire) progress with dynamite, but from what evidence I was 
able to obtain I doubt very much whether a great deal was accomplished by 
this means (1907, Gilbert, Humphery, Sewell and Soule). The text focuse on 
the structures and the effects the earthquake had on the city of San 

From the standpoint of the experience of living through the 1906 event the 
a book written by Gordon Thomas and MaxMorgan Weitts entitled The San 
Francisco Earthquake published in 1971 by Stein and Day the SBN is 
8128-1360 is great reading. This 292 page hard cover book details the event 
by interviewing 28 survivors and taking information from many other 
published sources of the era. The Bibliography alone is great reading 
because it lists many of the lost publications that have been written about 
the 1906. The chronology of the book is interesting because it's chapter 
heading and text leads you though the hours following the event, Friday 
April 20, 1906 Midnight to 6 A.M. This book has been the prim reference 
source for many of the current feature articles you read. Try the used book 
sellers-- You may still find a copy.

Regards, Steve Hammond PSN Aptos, CA

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Does anyone know where I can get any other books on the April 18, '06
Quake & fire of San Francisco? I'm interested on getting as much
information as I can on the buildings damaged in SF as well as other
parts of the bay area.
I already own the book The Earth Shook and the Sky Burned.

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