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From: "Bryan&Regina Goss" bgoss@.......
Date: Tue, 21 May 2002 02:07:06 -0500

I will be selling my entire seismograph system
Ok here is what I got and my cost not yours read the bottom thanks

Computer = Pentium 133mhz 5Gig drive $100

16 bit A/D board rev3 $245.00

Seismic Amplifier/Filter Board Seismograph two channels $145.00,  and $15.00
power supply
Seismic Amplifier/Filter Board Seismograph  one channel  $100.00, and $15.00
power supply

Pickup Coil $15.00 I have two of these
Magnet The magnet is rated at 22 lbs of pull $20.00 I have 4 of these

GPS Timing System  and Antenna  $240.00
The plexi glass cost $200.00 that covers the Seismograph but I am not
counting this it would be hard to ship but if you want it let me know ..

Also you will get the Lehman seismograph itself cost about $75.00

This is over $1,000 My cost, It is an awsom setup but I just dont have time
for it so I will take the best offer sent to me
and yes I want to sell it all at once if I can if not then Ill part it out.
I guess this can be a privite auction on the list
so send me your offers I would like to get at least $500.00 I will wait a
few days please email me questont to:
bgoss@.......  for pictures go to .............. this is just seismo
for pics of boards go to Larry's Sight
If you wish to see seismo working on computer pic took 5-21-02

Bryan S Goss
Corinth Ms, 38834


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