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Subject: GPS-DCF77 converter
From: "Mauro Mariotti" mariotti@.........
Date: Mon, 27 May 2002 08:37:05 +0200

Hi All,

in Europe is very popular the use of radio controlled clocks based on the
standard using a Time-Code format.
Explanation on how and where the signal is received are available at the
following link:

There are many equipments, that uses this standard for time syncronization.
Considering the limitation of the reception of this radio signal (3000km
from Germany)
and the major importance (and precision) of the GPS systems the following
has been developed.

It is a GPS-DCF77 converter. This mean that the TIME information coming from
GPS satellites
is converted in a stable DCF77 pulsing signal and can be used to syncronize
syncronized digitizers.

It is probably that the people far more than 3000 km from Germany and using
with dcf77 input andnot GPS input are already organized themselves to use
the GPS
with their machines, but maybe also others that have DCF77 machines would
want to save money purchasing an amateur style GPS-DCF77 interface.
Furthermore, DCF77 is not well received all the time, (it is very sensitive
to VLF noise due its carrier
is modulated at 77,5 Khz) and someone would like to have a more stable

Who is interested on this interface can keep check its web page because soon
a schematic
will be provided and a pre-programmed microcontroller will be available.

Mauro Mariotti


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