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Subject: Time
From: J D Cooley cooleyj@....................
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2002 20:05:13 -0700

I have been following the discussion about accurate time for PCs.  I'm at 
work right now, but at home I have 4 or 5 programs that get the "exact" 
time and update my computer, if I want.  I don't have the need for 
extremely accurate time, but the programs are interesting to use.

My main question is:  which one is correct?  I think all of them have their 
time based on the atomic clocks at NIST, but I can switch from one program 
to another and see a difference between them of up to nearly one 
second.  How does one know which one is the most accurate?  I'm sure at 
least two of the programs I use will first ping the server they are getting 
the time from to get the delay, which seems necessary.

The radio I used to use to listen to WWV is broken, but perhaps that would 
be a good way to find out which programs are WAY off!

"JD" Cooley
San Diego County


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