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Subject: Oregon Event
From: "Bob Hancock" robert.hancock@...........
Date: Mon, 2 Sep 2002 12:21:26 -0400

The USGS just published an event with the following parameters:

Date-Time 	2002 09 02 15:17:13 UTC
Location 	44.01N 127.92W
Depth 	10.0 kilometers
Magnitude 	4.4
Reference 	190 miles (305 km) WNW of Coos Bay, Oregon

However, I believe that it was closer to 1339 for the actual event.  You can
check the times on the Pacific Northwest helicorders, and also it was
visible on Larry's LC3 channel.  I recorded the event in New Jersey with the
peak L & R waves about 1403.

A check of the local helicorders in the Pacific Northwest and also the
Lamont-Daugherty helicorder, just north of New York City, shows no event
that matches their published specification.



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