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Subject: Fwd: Re: Italian quake
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Date: Fri, 01 Nov 2002 20:30:24 -0700

Dear Francesco,

Thanks for the update on this tragic event.  Until ALL buildings are made
safe from collapse, tragedies like this will continue to occur, especially
in areas of relatively low hazard where society does not want to spend
the extra 10 or 15 percent to build safe buildings in the first place.

Colorado is in this category!

John Lahr

>From: "Francesco" 
>Subject: Re: Italian quake
>Date: Sat, 2 Nov 2002 01:22:55 +0100
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>Hi to all.
>I'm posting  some of the major's events of Southern Italy's quake.
>The final number of iniured is 32 victims  (29 childrens in San Giulianos'
>We have registered 282 events,  from foreshock until now, with our station
>(Macchia Valfortore) sites 10km from epicenter.
>The quake was origined by an unknown strike-slip fault in a relatively
>a-seismic zone.
>The sequence has given a foreshock of  ML 3.4,  a first mainshock of  ML 5.6
>eight hours later,  a moderate aftershock with max ML 3.7 and, today, the
>second mainshock of. ML 5.5. Then 5.0 ,  4.8 and three events of ML 4.2
>A complex seismotectonic zone, with many major faults, quiting from 200
>years, encircles the epicenter zone.
>Francesco       -Italy-
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