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Subject: Re: Winsdr under Linux
From: Karl Cunningham karlc@..........
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2002 14:30:11 -0800

Larry and others --

More news about Winsdr, Winquake, and Wine.

Some of Winquake seems to run under wine, but it crashes when I click on
"event report" from the replay window.  Haven't really worked on that one
yet.  Also, wine doesn't seem to yet support a Windows function called
findfirstchangenotificationa, which Winsdr apparently uses to detect if a
replay request file is present.  The result is that Winsdr ignores replay
requests from Winquake.  Too bad.

There is someone supposedly working on the findfirstchangenotification set
of functions for wine, and I'm going to check the status of that.

At this point it seems that Winsdr & Winquake are marginally useful under
wine.  But wine is being worked on and is bound to get better as time goes
on.  I'll post reports of any successes here.


--On Friday, December 27, 2002 4:43 PM -0800 Larry Cochrane

> Karl,
> Thanks for the report. Have you tried WinQuake under Wine?
> Regards,
> Larry Cochrane
> Redwood City, PSN
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> From: "Karl Cunningham" 
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> Sent: Friday, December 27, 2002 10:32 AM
> Subject: Winsdr under Linux
>> Hi --
>> This may be old hat to some, but it's new to me and something I've wanted
>> to try for a while now.  The last few days I have been running Larry
>> Cochrane's Winsdr under Linux using Wine (, a
>> system that allows Windows-based programs to be run under Linux.
>> To move Winsdr to the Linux box, the entire winsdr directory and
> everything
>> under it on the Windows machine were copied (including the daily record
>> files) to a subdirectory created for the purpose on the Linux box.  After
> a
>> bit of editing of the Wine configuration file, it worked.  This machine
>> is a Celeron 466 with 256MB of ram.  Wine and Winsdr are only using about
> 1.2%
>> of the CPU cycles and 3% of the RAM, so I'm sure it would work fine on a
>> much less capable computer.   Screen redraw speed is comparable to the
>> Pentium II 350MHz Windows NT machine it was running on before.  The
>> operating system is Mandrake 9.0 Linux, and I imagine it would work under
>> Redhat linux as well.
>> Wine is seeing a lot of development these days, with new versions coming
>> out on a daily basis.  I downloaded and installed one as of 12/23/02 for
>> this test.
>> If anyone is interested, I'd be happy to supply more details.  And for
>> anyone who want to try, my wine configuration file is at
>> .  There are probably more
>> optimizations that can be made, but a least it works.
>> The next challenge is to replace the serial connection between the A/D
>> and Winsdr with a TCP/IP connection.  This should remove the limitation
>> of serial line length and reduce ground noise since ethernet cards are
>> transformer isolated whereas the serial connections are not.
>> Regards, and happy new year to all.
>> Karl Cunningham
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