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Subject: Re: ebay item
From: meredithlamb meredithlamb@.............
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2003 13:29:40 -0700

Hi Bob and all,

Nice of you to notify of seismo items Bob!

For this item, one might note that none of the pens are attached
to the pen motors.  The original pens (likely were a heated stylus)
are probably hard to get and/or VERY expensive even "if" available.
Alternatively one might find/make ink pens, but it would also be
very difficult to do/find.  The total item may have been a parts
salvage unit; which "may mean" other parts are also absent.

The pen drive amplifier and or any preamplifiere/filter aspect is
another additional problem that needs a solution with this.  The
paper selection (heat sensitive and/or even ink paper) is also very
difficult to obtain for the width it "should" use.

Drum recorders have a fascinating visual appeal to the general would likely be alot cheaper, and with
ALOT less hassle overall to go with a computer and A/D card

Take care, Meredith

BOB BARNS wrote:

>   Hi, gang,
> has an item which may be of interest.
>   Item # 3106334236 Ends  Jan-15-03 15:51:29 PST
> "This auction is for a United Electro Dynamics Type DR 273
> seismograph/drum recorder. The unit has three servo motor driver pens
> which write on a rotating lead screw driven drum in a continuous chart
> from the top of the chart to the bottom."
>   This is three large drums on the same shaft.
> Beware of the $95 crating charge.
> Bob Barns


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