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Subject: Acouple neodymium magnets sellers noted
From: meredithlamb meredithlamb@.............
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2003 15:38:16 -0700

Hi all,

One might note that a canadian seller has a fair variety of
magnets at what appears to be at quite reasonably priced
items....and they appear to be quite below U.S. prices.  Most
magnets seem to be gauss rated at MGOe of 38 which is alittle
above the (gauss) ratings of alot of normally available magnets.
I would guess the shipping costs will kick up the overall price
somewhat higher for country to country deliveries, obviously.
The E-Bay store name is: Hamilton Core Drill Bits

His E-Bay feedback looks to be exceptionally good; with 647
positives, 10 neutrals, and zero negative.  We've no idea if
he may offer other magnets in the future or this is a one time
deal.  I've no prior personal experience with this seller.
Most items are only offered within the next two days or so.

Theres quite a variety of sizes.  So, if you've been waiting for
a certain size to fit that certain sized seismo coil, or project
.....this "might" be the ticket for you.


There is also another new neo mag seller that has a variety of
magnets within the U.S.  His web site is at:

The gauss ratings of the magnets vary, as does the sizes and
shapes he has; but I would say the prices are also fairly 
reasonable.  I've no prior personal experience with this seller.


Perhaps now the increased ratings and sizes of the available
neo magnets are becoming less expensive than in the past...
which is very good.

Take care, Meredith


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