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Subject: Re: Colorado School of Mines Seismometer Competition
From: meredithlamb meredithlamb@.............
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 2003 21:52:32 -0700

Hi John and all,

Thanks John for doing ALOT of work with posting the entrys on
your web site!  I find them very interesting to explore, and I'am
looking forward to seeing any remaining papers eventually.

The diamagnetic one was of particular interest too me of course.
They used "end magnets" which seems to double the period of
the levitated spectrographic rod of a similar arrangement here
I copyed (but without end magnets and using curved filed iron
spacers).  Chris Chapman has made earlier similar comments
on this in the past also.  I've tried using other size magnets where
I put the "end magnets" across the row/s tops ends, and it also has a
similar effect.  Most interesting; as it eliminates having to hand
file the iron spacers center region with a man made curvature; which
makes it alot easier to setup and seems to present a consistent
seismo period, for ~ possible easy replication by others.

Take care, Meredith

John & Jan Lahr wrote:

> During the Fall of 2002 the freshmen at the Colorado School of Mines worked on
> designing of an inexpensive seismic system.  The details are given here:
> In December the best designs were selected and some of the students'
> reports are
> posted here:
> I will continue to add reports as I receive them.


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