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Subject: Re: BBC news article about infrasound
From: Arie Verveer greensky@............
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2003 16:00:00 +0800

Wow, the original author!  Hi Steve, Similarly,  I had the  MKS sensor and
pluming placed in a cooler,  but surrounded the detector with lots of freezer
packs to give the device some thermal inertia. Seemed to work within the sensors
time constant. ( very fine needle valve)

From the cooler box to the silicon tubing was about 1.5 meters of stiff  hose. The
sensor tubing was 6 meters of  "BMDGB0802"  ( 7.9 X 12.7 mm) Silicon tube that
was obtained  from a medical supply company. Its wall thickness is 2.4 mm. I do
know their is a thinner wall thickness tube but the cost nearly doubled, so the 2.4mm

was the one. This tube was then wound in a tight coil.

It was housed in a special building at work, but if it were,  housed in a big
box with ventilation holes +  air conditioner filters and baffles then that should
mimic the building.



> Steve Hansen wrote:

> Thanks for the update on what you've been doing with your microbarograph
> Arie. The one I described at has been
> substantially modified and, come springtime, will be installed underground
> to minimize thermal effects (I got the hole half dug in the fall, then it
> started to snow, and snow and snow).
> I am interested in your silicone tubing idea. Can you provide some more
> details?
> Steve Hansen
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> Subject: Re: BBC news article about infrasound
> > In the end I used 6 meters of very flexible thin walled silicon tube as
> the sensor head. This was
> > located in a building with many vents and dust filters.
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