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Subject: Winquake bug
From: "Larry Conklin" lconklin@............
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2003 15:48:49 -0500

Hi Larry,

Spent a little more time with the new Winquake update and found a problem
with the Y-scale function.  If I select the "Use as default" option, I can
open as many pairs of files as I like, as long as I don't exit the program.
However, if I close the program with that option selected, the next time I
run it, it hangs up when I try to open even a single file.  I have to do a
three finger salute to kill the program and regain control.  I discovered
that if I inspect the Winquake.ini file and edit the YDefOnOff parameter to
reset it to zero, the next time I start Winquake everything is ok.  I had
also set the "All Records" option to True, but that doesn't seem to affect
the problem one way or the other.

Larry Conklin


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