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Subject: Re: Various Winquake bugs
From: "Larry Cochrane" cochrane@..............
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2003 19:39:31 -0800

From: "Larry Conklin" 

> Hi Larry,
> Spent a little more time with the new Winquake update and found a problem
> with the Y-scale function.  If I select the "Use as default" option, I can
> open as many pairs of files as I like, as long as I don't exit the
> However, if I close the program with that option selected, the next time I
> run it, it hangs up when I try to open even a single file.  I have to do a
> three finger salute to kill the program and regain control.  I discovered
> that if I inspect the Winquake.ini file and edit the YDefOnOff parameter
> reset it to zero, the next time I start Winquake everything is ok.  I had
> also set the "All Records" option to True, but that doesn't seem to affect
> the problem one way or the other.

I fixed this bug and the other one you reported regarding the number of
files displayed in the Open File dialog box.

From: "Francesco" 

> Hi Larry.
> I've upgrade my system with new releases of WS and Wq, setting it with
> dataset feature.
> If I want use the remote option in Winquake, what I have to change? The
> extention of the three components in remote box must be the same?

Good question! I'm working on a new release that will allow WinQuake to
request dataset volume files. This change will effect both WinQuake and
WinSDR. Also, the Event File Mailer program I released sometime last year
also needs to be updated to support dataset volumes.

From: RLLaney@.......

>Correction, Larry, to my just sent email--a label appears when multiple
event files
>are printed, but only the label for the highlighted event files appears at
the top of the page.

That's an easy one to correct. The next release will display all of the file
names when you print the event window or create a GIF image.

I should have new WinQuake and WinSDR release ready later tonight or

Larry Cochrane


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