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Subject: Re: Atomic Time Source for data logging
From: BOB BARNS royb1@...........
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2003 10:58:23 -0500

Hi gang,
  Rubidium oscillators (which output 10 MHz pretty near exactly) appear
on ebay perhaps once a month on average.  
  I looked today with the search string of "rubidium" and found:
Ball Efratom 10MHZ Rubidium Oscillator  
Item # 2508157686  5 hrs to go
Efratom Rubidium Oscillator  
Item # 2508598369  2 days to go
Efratom Rubidium Oscillator  
Item # 2508598561  2 days to go
Austron 1295D Chassis w/ Rubidium Reference  
Item # 2509678516  6 days to go
  These things usually go for $300-$400 and are easy to use.  Usually a
24V DC power supply is needed.
I believe that the useful life of these things is very long (maybe 20
yrs. ?)so getting a used one should be OK.
  I remember that Larry hacked a Klockit "atomic clock" to get a 1 PPS
signal to use with his amplifier board or A/D board.  Maybe Larry can
supply the reference.

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