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Subject: New WinQuake and WinPlotGPS releases
From: "Larry Cochrane" cochrane@..............
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2003 20:29:02 -0800

Hi Everyone,

I have new releases of WinQuake and WinPlotGPS available on my web site here and

The only new feature in this release is the ability to read MINISEED
volumes. I added this feature so I could look at event files from the IRIS
Bud system. See this link for a starting
point to download MINISEED files from their system. The problem with
MINISEED files is they only contain the raw data. Information like sensor
location, sensor type etc are not part of the data file. When processing
MINISEED files, it is assumed you have the stationary information like
station latitude and longitude in a dataless SEED file (or some other
format) that can be used to fill in the missing data. When you open a
MINISEED file, WinQuake will try and find a dataless SEED file on the system
so it can use it to fill in the missing data. See the documentation at the
bottom of the beta release web page for more information.

The program can now act as a TCP/IP GPS data server or client. I added this
feature because I thought it would be "cool" to do it. I'm not sure how
practical this new feature is, but with it you can send the data from the
GPS receiver over the Internet (or local LAN) to another copy of WinPlotGPS.
See the WinPlotGPS documentation for more information. I hope to do the same
type of thing to my WinSDR datalogger. This way WinSDR users can remotely
monitor their system using a TCP/IP connection.

I also fixed a problem with the Reset GPS receiver command. Now when you use
this command with a ONCORE receiver (it has no effect on other GPS
receivers) the receiver will be reset back to the factory default settings.


-Larry Cochrane
Redwood City, PSN


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