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Subject: Re: Folded pendulum
From: "Ted Rogers" TedR@..................
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2003 11:44:38 +1000


Check 'The Amateur Scientist' in the April 1967 issue of 'Scientific
American'. It would appear the author - Nils E. Lindenblad should may be
credited with the invention of this type of pendulum. The article also shows
another type of long period pendulum, one free to swing in any direction .
Hope you find the article as interesting as I did, in fact my first attempt
at building a seismograph was based on his design - it failed  miserably as
I thought the suspension illustrated would have to much friction I tried
other types - each one being worse than the other, so in the end I gave it
I shall have another try but this time I'll try foil type suspensions.


Ted Rogers.



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