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Subject: Re: Folded pendulum
From: "David H. Youden" dyouden@.........
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2003 17:21:05 -0500


I appreciate the tip. I have a copy of the article and will try to 
investigate further to see if Nils really did invent this device.


At 11:44 AM 3/10/03 +1000, you wrote:
>Check 'The Amateur Scientist' in the April 1967 issue of 'Scientific
>American'. It would appear the author - Nils E. Lindenblad should may be
>credited with the invention of this type of pendulum. The article also shows
>another type of long period pendulum, one free to swing in any direction .
>Hope you find the article as interesting as I did, in fact my first attempt
>at building a seismograph was based on his design - it failed  miserably as
>I thought the suspension illustrated would have to much friction I tried
>other types - each one being worse than the other, so in the end I gave it
>I shall have another try but this time I'll try foil type suspensions.
>Ted Rogers.
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