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What strength are you looking for the mix you used. Was there any rock in
the mix.

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Subject: concrete tests

Hi all,

Just an FYI in case you are interested.  I will be testing the material
properties of the 1:1 sand:cement mix used for seismometer peirs and
sometimes as a structural member of the device itself.

I will be testing cylinders in a compression test which gives elastic
modulus and compressive strength directly.  It also gives a good
estimate of tensile strength and toughness.  The plan is to test one
batch moist cured for 28 days and one batch air cured for after 7 days
of moist cure.  Thermal properties will have to wait, as there is still
a lot of gel in the mix at 28 days.

If anyone would like to see any variations on the above, please let me
know.  I will be filling molds by 20-Mar.

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