PSN-L Email List Message

Subject: Re: Slight revision of HeadpikV2
From: John or Jan Lahr johnjan@........
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2003 08:11:53 -0700

Hi Bob,
I've updated the web site files:

We're getting snowed under here in Colorado!  I just hope the power stays on.

At 05:34 AM 3/19/2003, you wrote:
Hi John,

  Larry Cochrane noted a slight, invisible error in the conversion of wdq to psn, caused by my misinterpretation of the PSN Type 4 format description.  I am therefore submitting the first of probably several revisions of the program.  It is now version  There was a typo error in the readme file.  The source code has also been updated.



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