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Subject: Re: WinDaq to WinQuake utility
From: John or Jan Lahr johnjan@........
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2003 07:09:48 -0700

Hi Bob,

Thanks for the updated program.  I've posted it here:


At 09:05 PM 3/27/2003, you wrote:
Hi John,

  I am releasing to you the following zip file.  It seems to work fine.  This package replaces earlier applications, such as Headpik.exe and HeadpikV2.exe.  If you offer the file for download, please make it this entire zip file. Contents:

HdPkHlp.txt (Operating Instructions)
HeadpikX.exe (Main program)
HdrEditor.exe (PSN header template file editor)
REM1.ps1 (sample PSN header template file)
Headers (file folder containing WDQ template header files)

  The above package allows Dataq A/D and WinDaq users the ability to easily copy WDQ files to PSN Type 4 format.

  HdrEditor.exe can either be run stand-alone or launched from HeadpikX.exe.  It is used to enter local coordinates, sensor information, timing information in the same manner as provided in WinQuake dialog boxes.  This information is to be saved for repeated use as a [Sensor Name].ps1 file when converting WDQ files to PSN format.

  HeadpikX.exe is a utility program for inspection of the header contents or either WDQ or PSN files, and editing of WDQ file start time, sampling period, and for entering sensor period and damping for use by DrumPlot.exe or Shortplot.exe.  It allows single channel files to be assembled into multichannel files, or single channel files to be spliced together.  Conversion of WDQ files can be done either with or without a header template file.

  Additional features seldom used by those without programming or digital filter experience allow the data contained in a PSN file to be converted to a WDQ file to be filtered by "ShortPlot", saved, and then plugged back in to a copy of the original PSN file, with original PSN header information preserved intact.

  The above exe and text files must reside in the same folder, any folder.  The "Headers" folder must be placed in the same folder as the WDQ files.

Bob McClure

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