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Subject: Cap's KS36000 Seismometer
From: Karl Cunningham karlc@..........
Date: Fri, 04 Apr 2003 13:53:22 -0800

Hello All --

Most of you are probably aware that some month's ago Casper Hossfield, a
member of this list, passed away.  Cap had a Geotech KS36000
seismometer.  His family wants to clean up his
property and needs to get rid of the seismometer and associated
documentation, hardware, and electronics.  They understand the value of the
instrument and want to see it go to a good home.  As Cap's family doesn't
want to do any more legwork than necessary regarding the seismometer, I
volunteered to try to find a taker for it.

The seismometer is a Teledyne-Geotech KS36000 bore-hole broadband 3-axis
seismometer.  It is intended to be lowered into a deep well and is housed
in a 5-inch diameter stainless-steel tube about 8 feet long.  It weighs
about 180 pounds.  This is not an instrument for casual use.  It is a
research-grade instrument which will not operate unless mounted vertically
and can be damaged if shocked in excess of 2G.  Its intended use was down a
100-meter-deep well, although it can be made to work in a post hole.  It is
somewhat temperature sensitive but the main reason for the deep hole is to
reduce the effects of surface noise.  There were approximately 40 of these
seismometers surplus at the USGS in Alguquerque, which were given
away to researchers, universities, and amateur seismologists.  Cap was one
of the lucky ones to get one.

The KS36000 requires special digital codes be sent to unlock the masses and
configure the unit.  The outputs are analog.  The specifications list very
good performance -- a noise floor of about 21 orders of magnitude below 
gravity.  I believe Cap had a Test Set/Controller, which is used to send 
the required digital codes.  Other methods can be used to do this, such as
computer sound card.  I think Cap had a manual for the instrument, 
which is quite thorough and contains setup and maintenance information.

The seismometer is located at Cap's house near New Milford, New York, and 
is offered as-is, where-is.  It is in the woods which is currently about a 
foot of snow on the ground.  When the snow melts (about a month), Cap's 
family would like it to be picked up.  It probably will require three or 
four people to safely get it into a truck.  I don't know if Cap's family
will be able to help with this part.

One further caveat: When the USGS gave the seismometer to Cap, he signed a
statement that he would never sell it or otherwise get money for it.
Whomever gets it at this point will have to sign a statement to that
effect, which will be forwarded to the USGS in Albuquerque.

If anyone is interested in the seismometer, please email me off the list.
I can supply more details about its construction and operation if needed.
If there is no response within a week or two, I will contact the USGS to
see if they can find someone.


Karl Cunningham
La Mesa, CA.

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