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Subject: Re: Intrusion Sensors
From: Henry Bland henry@...............
Date: Tue, 08 Apr 2003 16:47:52 -0600

Michael King wrote:

> I am designing intrusion sensors to detect people entering the country 
> illegally in southern AZ. I am the technical director of the American 
> Border Patrol.  Some of yo may have heard of us.  I am looking for a 
> good circuit that uses very little power and has little noise but 
> amplifies alot.  If anyone can help me it would be appreciated and you 
> would be helping our country guard it's borders.

We use LT1800 chips ( for our low-power work Personally, 
I would stick to using dogs rather than electronics to detect 
intruders.  They're generally better at discriminating between people 
noise and background noise.

-Henry Bland
CREWES, University of Calgary


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