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Subject: Questions about shackleford
From: Ruediger Wisskirchen r.wisskirchen@.......
Date: Thu, 01 May 2003 22:18:51 +0300

I am a teacher in a turkish highschool and I try, after having finished
alread a lehmann, to build a shackleford.
We follow the article in scientific american and the sugestions made buy
Larry Cochrane.
But there are a few things I don't understand:
- In my opinion, the main purpose of the damping coil is to enlarge the
period, as the force acted by it is proportional to the elongation and
not to the velocity. Is this right?
- What is the purpose of the capacitor just before the damping-coil in
the original plan and Larrys plan. Does it acts as a low-pass-filter?
Does it has to be an electrolyt or is keramic possible?
- is it right, that the integrator just acts as a low-pass and has no
influence on the periode of the pendulum?
- In Larry Cochranes Plan is a buffer amp in front of the dampingcoil.
What are bufferamps for? I can find here only 741 ops. Is it possible,
to use them as bufferamps?
Sorry for my poor english. I hope you can understand my questions.
Thanks for any help


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