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Subject: Teledyne Geotech BB13 Seismometer
From: Frank Gentges =?iso-8859-1?Q?K=D8BRA?= fgentges@..............
Date: Mon, 26 May 2003 12:59:06 -0400


I have had an interest in setting up a seismograph for some time.  That=20
interest was suddenly fired into full force when I happened upon a Teledyne=
Geotech BB13 broadband sensor on a hamfest swap table several weeks ago. I=
am now working on a seismograph setup in my spare time.

I contacted Geotech (who is now free of the Teledyne connection) for a=20
manual.  After some searching effort they provided me with a manual.  They=
indicated the unit is obsolete and this may be the last manual they=20
have.  Geotech was kind enough to give me permission to post my scan of the=
manual to the internet for public access.

Larry Cochrane agreed to post my file to the Redwood City Public Seismic=20
Network web page at

For download.

The manual includes a lot of advice on setting the unit up and detailed=20
schematics of the mechanical structure and electronics.  Even if you do not=
have one of these you may find it instructive on the operation, design and=
construction of the unit.

I have a nice high speed commercial scanner and I can scan other such=20
documents for public use by the group.  We will need to obtain permissions=
to avoid putting Larry in an uncomfortable (or worse) position.



Frank Gentges K=D8BRA

LF web site at 


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