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Subject: Re: help from the academic sector
From: Bob Shannon earth@...........
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2003 08:46:39 -0700

At 09:41 AM 6/13/03 -0500, you wrote:
>Am I imagining this -- do the college professors look down on the amateur 
>seismologist and avoid helping them? Maybe I am just paranoid! They give 
>me the impression that they are too busy to be bothered. Are there some 
>that are more helpful than others?

It doesn't sound like paranoia...not a good definition. It is a normal 
feeling that your own symptoms, ideas or questions are not worth listening 
to. In a way they are listened to! Enough people talk about a similar 
situation and it stays it sticks with those whom you are addressing. Most 
real good USGS folks are willing to take the time to talk with amateurs if 
you pose your question correctly. I have found this to be true with 
University of Washington Seismo Labs. UC Berkeley takes time to answer 
questions and at one time CalTech did the same. (Sue Hough where have you 
gone:->)...Andy Michaels at USGS in Menlo Park will at times answer 
questions....My own personal experience has been that the "pros" will talk 
with least once!

Rev. Robert S. Shannon Sr. ULC
Fellow of the North American Academy of Arts and Sciences



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