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Subject: RE: Pictures and drawings of my system
From: "John D Nelson" jnelson@.................
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 12:42:17 -0500

I'd certainly like to see the schematic and a photographic closeup of
the hinge.

John Nelson
Austin, TX

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Subject: Re: Pictures and drawings of my system

Sorry to all about the broken link.  A bonehead mistake right up there
with forgetting the attachment...

Thanks, it was a "labor of love"!  And it was not that hard to make.
Mechanically, it is pretty simple, I think most people are put off by
the electronics.  Sean-Thomas's version was put together from some
universal boards which had many options which are unused for this
seismometer.  It also lacked a diagram which pulled all of the pages

The spring hinge gave me some problems as well.  I'll try to get a
detail of it, as well as some kind of sketch posted soon.  One hint I
can give is that the ends of the spring are pulling, not pushing.

If you picture the spring as a "C", each end has a piece of brass strip
attached which points inward.  That strip is attached to the spring
along one edge, and the hinge "pin" (a piece of brass rod) on the other.

Would there be any interest among the group if I made a PCB and some of
the hard to find electronic parts available?  I did not copy
Sean-Thomas's circuit, so there isn't a copyright issue.


Keith Payea
Santa Rosa, CA
38.46N 122.71W

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From: "Larry Conklin" 
Sent: Tuesday, June 17, 2003 8:39 AM
Subject: Re: Pictures and drawings of my system

> Keith,
> I was really pleased to see your description of your vertical=20
> seismometer. I have been thinking about building one also, but some of

> the details in
> original plans have been unclear to me.  Your photos make the whole=20
> enterprise look much less daunting than I had thought.  The one detail
> is still not clear to me is the design of the hinges at the ends of=20
> the spring.  I wonder if you have comparably clear photos of them that

> you
> add to your web page?
> Larry Conklin
> Liverpool, NY
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> Subject: Pictures and drawings of my system
> > Hello all:
> >


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