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Subject: Industrial computers available
From: Thomas W Leiper twleiper@........
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2003 23:13:15 -0400

For any of you who are assembling a massive array of sensors
and want to stack up a bunch of W95 or DOS machines in
a rack in some 130 degree shed out in the desert, I have at
least a half dozen rack-mount Pentium 166 industrial computers.
They measure 3.5" high by 17" wide by 17.5" deep, and you can
just stack-um-up or rack-um-up. They are single board computers
(SBC) on a back-plane that has a couple each ISA and PCI slots.
The drive is SCSI, and the SBC has Adaptec SCSI, ATI chip set,
serial & parallel, both PS2 and and AT keyboard, PS2 mouse and
32 or more meg RAM. In addition to the PS exhaust fan on the
back they also have a pressurized inlet fan and filter on the front,
and they run cool if either fan fails. A couple fans may need to be
All were loaded with W95 rev C (the best), though one or two
might have been reloaded with 98 after a drive crash... not sure.
They have been in service for the last five years running 24/7 in
a medical imaging system, and they all look great and have been
running great right up to the pull last week. We just needed more
horsepower and W2000. They are way too good to crush, and
they ran about three grand back in 97-98. PSN members can
make an offer before I put them on EBay. You HAMs and SWLs
might want one for an RTTY decoder stacked under your R-390.
Interested folks can contact me at "twleiper(at)"

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