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Subject: Geosource MD-100 geophones
From: Richard Schwaninger richard@...............
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2003 22:55:20 -0700

Hello group.

I'm new here but have a couple of questions. Please excuse me if this
has been answered before, I did do a quick search and didn't come up
with anything. If so please point me to the right place - archive or

I'm in Pleasanton, and so should have something to look at every once in
a while. I'm starting to set something up at home. I thought I'd first
look for local events and so purchased a few Geosource MD-100 geophones.
They are labeled 14Hz, 330 Ohms.

Looking at pictures, I've seen similar units arranged in a cluster in a
X-Y-Z configuration. The MD-100s I have only work in one axis, so I
figure I will not be able to construct a 3 axis unit with these
geophones? Is there a work-around? Are there other available (in the $20
range) units which work on their sides?

The second question, which really should of been first, is: are these
geophones adequate or appropriate for monitoring local events?

Thanks for any information.



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