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Subject: Re: meter movements as geophones
From: james fisher kd6iwd@.........
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2003 12:37:56 -0700 (PDT)

Hi thanks for answering me. yes I agree that a meter
all by itself would not respond to seismic waves. It
may be possible to couple the meter movement to a
pendulum in some manner. Perhaps a hair thin wire
could be superglued to the meter pointer,  and the
other end attached to a pendulum weight. alternately
perhaps the meter needle could be placed in contact
with the pendulum at some point. By adjusting the
zeroing adjustmtnt on the meter it would be possible
to adjust theforce at the contact. Then the meter
movement would move with the movement of the pendulum,
and respond to seismic waves.

Best Regards
--- testology  wrote:
> Hi James Fisher-- I enjoy reading your mails because
> you're so inventive
> with your ideas, keep up the interesting work! It is
> individual small scale
> experimentation with ideas that have almost entirely
> furthered the cause of
> science!
> I don't have any doubt you can fabricate your own
> Lehman or other seismos--
> but the idea of geophones is a large suspended mass
> surrounded by a coil so
> when the mass moves (technically not correct, but
> for purposes of this
> email...) the coil outputs a waveform consistent
> with its movement. Although
> a meter movement is a coil, the needle and magnet
> assembly lacks the mass to
> output a low frequency waveform, although for a
> short period higher
> frequency (fast oscillation) temblor it might work.
> What the heck, try it
> and see!         Tom D.
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