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Subject: Re: Attention seismic drum display users
From: meredithlamb meredithlamb@.............
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2003 22:57:30 -0600

Hi Doug and all,

Thanks Doug for the note.  I see I really need to give
more info for anyone mistake/s.

I should emphasize one BIG point here.  This is not a 
complete drum with recording pen-motors ready to go.
One would have to "jerry-rig" the pen-motors (they get
or find/adopt) near the top of the drum, and all its 
assorted electronics.  Its a total conversion project
in regards to the penmotors, mechanical mounting, 
and those electronics.

Guess I should mention that the drum unit is rather large,
54.25" in length X 12" wide, but I didn't measure the height,
which is likely like 15" or so.  I'd have to build a wood box
for safekeeping in shipment, something I'd rather not do, and
then likely have the box tossed after delivery.  Not a small item.

I'am guessing all the potential stuff together could come close
to topping off a regular pickup truck box load.  Probably the
largest bulk is a variety of old strip chart paper; both ink and
thermal...including some thermal fax paper that "could" work. 
I've NO original paper for these recorders...its VERY expensive.
There is also a table available to mount the drum upon, and at least one 
oscillographic recorder, that isn't small either.  So....I'd 
rather not fuss with it all.  I've no problem with really small
stuff...but this is a bit much.  I figure that if someone
values the material, they will find a way to Denver....and save
me from any shipping effort.   This old stuff is a big contrast
to the more modern and much smaller computer recording alternative
material approach....ha.

Take care, Meredith

Doug Crice wrote:

> Meredith,
> If you could schlep the parts to one of the commercial mail box firms (like
> mail boxes are us), they would be happy to box them up and ship them.  It
> wouldn't be all that cheap, but probably cheaper than driving a great
> distance to Denver.
> Doug Crice
> Geostuff   
> 12996 Somerset Drive                phone 1-530-274-4445
> Grass Valley,  CA  95945  USA    fax 1-530-274-4446


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