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Subject: Re: PSN: Attention seismic drum display users
From: meredithlamb meredithlamb@.............
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2003 23:25:54 -0600

Hi John,

Am always amazed at the extent of your web site....its "huge",
but excellent and quite extensive.

OK on the note...however the drum assembly isn't complete
and ready to go...(penmotors, amplifier etc.) which I think any
such museum would naturally desire.  I think its much more suited
for a amateur to complete.

The museum mention, reminds me once, of a fossil skull I once
found in north-east Colorado long ago.  It looked like a normal
wolf skull too me...(I was about 12 years old) but the Denver
Museum didn't like it, they claimed it was "crushed"....ha.
It never reached display of course.  Museum people are quite
picky....ha.  Turns out it was a 25 million year old pig anchestor
......alas...not exactly what I originally thought it was....
and definitely not interesting to the museum either.  Oh was personally exciting for a short while....    

Take care, Meredith

John or Jan Lahr wrote:

> Hi Meredith,
> One option would be to see if the IRIS group would like the drum
> assembly to donate to a museum.  Their goal is to add one museum
> per year to those that have IRIS earthquake exhibits.
> Some of the IRIS museums are described here:
> For information on IRIS, see:
> Yours,
> John


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