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Subject: Re: looking for a book/s or web reference on iron/steel
From: Karl Cunningham karlc@..........
Date: Tue, 02 Sep 2003 13:28:29 -0700

Hi Heredith --

I'm not sure how much help they might be, but have you tried the American
Society for Metals,

They may be one of the ones you already know about as a publisher of
expensive books.  But I can assure you they are full of facts about metals.
I am familiar with two series of books -- ferrous and non-ferrous -- that
had tables of characteristics of thousands of alloys, including magnetic

These books are probably hundreds of dollars each now, so you might want to
look at them in a university library before buying.  If you don't care how
recent the data is, you might try to get used ones on ebay.

Karl Cunningham

--On Tuesday, September 02, 2003 11:31 AM -0600 Meredith Lamb

> Hi all,
> Am looking for a book/s on iron and steel and their
> characteristics/physics.  I keep bumping up against unknowns with iron
> types, especially with reference to interests in magnetics  where they
> involve seismic magnet assemblys or diamagnetics experiments.  I find it
> difficult to get much of a realistic grasp of even defining the material
> I do have or use.  Bascially I'am looking for a kind of "Iron
> characteristics for dummys"; where it is extremely practical to pick up
> and apply/use.  Am aware of alot of high priced books, but am hesitant
> with them, as they maybe not so practical to readily apply.
> Web site references might help also.
> Take care, Meredith Lamb


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