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Subject: Sorry to the list
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Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 13:58:00 -0500

Hello to all,

That last message to Chris should have been sent privately!!

Good thing I didn't say much  :)


While am writing, here goes to what is as close to a book review as I
have written in years.  It's called "8.4"  written by Peter Heron.
I got it for $0.01 on ebay + 3.5 shipping, such a deal.

The book is a fun read even if you have to "suspend disbelief" for a
while. The heros and heroines are seismologist and geophysics. Some of
the bad guys are also seismologist along with a few politicians. The
good guy does not die and does get the girl which is a bare minimum
for a good movie or book.

It all about an earthquake in the Madrid Seismic Zone and the big one
that is coming. The good seismologist have seismographs in the back of
their cars that the have to urgently install near the epicenter. This
group can also install complete arrays in a couple of hours and
analyze the results just as fast. In the end they diffuse the big one
with a nuclear bomb. Lots of geo/seismo jargon and mumbo jumbo along
with maps and charts and listing from NEIC.

If you have nothing better to do this could be a good way to pass a
few hours.

regards to all,



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