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Subject: seismo books on ebay
From: BOB BARNS royb1@...........
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 11:25:32 -0400

Hi gang,
 3 geology seismology geophysics textbooks  Item number: 3551171727   
  auction ends Sept. 18
 Book one: Introduction to Seismology, by Peter M. Shearer. 260 pages
softback, perfect condition except wrinkles in cover.
  Book two: Looking into the Earth, an Introduction to Geological
Geophysics, by Alan E. Mussett and M. Aftab Khan. 470
  pages softback, perfect condition. Book three: Numerical Analysis for
the Geological Sciences, by James R. Carr. 592 pages
  hardback. On these three books are a total of 50(30) +
29(29) + 30(18) = 109 new (77 used), but buy all three
  for one low price here. 
Starting price $35

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