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Subject: RE: TI seismometer? on ebay
From: "Doug Crice" dcrice@............
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2003 08:12:32 -0700

I would guess that this is a 3-sensor borehole seismometer.  Usually these
contain what would be called "short-period" seismometers, or those with a
natural frequency around 1 Hz.

The simplest and best installation would be to take a post-hole digger and
put it as deep in your yard as you could dig.

Anybody contemplating purchase should get the user to fax the spec sheet.

Doug Crice
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Subject: TI seismometer? on ebay

Hi gang,
  I don't know anything about this but it looks attractive.  Note that
it has to be picked up--he will not ship.

Item number: 2560793610  auction ends Oct.2

Made by Texas Instuments in the 1960's or 70's? Model S-36.I have a
specifications sheet for it too.I have not tested this
  because I have no idea how it works! My late Father had a number of
different Seismographs he played with so I presume it
  works but can NOT gueretee it.It also quit heavy for it's size.I have
another one too but it's REALLY HEAVY & BIG and
  will not ship it that's why I've never listed it. If you have any
questions Please email them to me. I expect payment within 10
  days of auction closing and to ship within 10 of payment receipt
PLEASE READ THIS>>I accept US Post Office money
  orders and PayPal [] ONLY

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