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Subject: Re: japan quake
From: Canie canie@...........
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2003 10:49:13 -0700

On Sept 15th an article was published about a tokyo quake - see:
Astronomer Predicts Major Earthquake for Japan, Other Experts Express Doubts
By Associated Press
posted: 03:40 pm ET
15 September 2003
TOKYO (AP) _ A Japanese researcher is causing a stir in Tokyo with a prediction based on his study of radio waves that a major destructive earthquake is highly likely to hit the city this week.
Yoshio Kushida, a well-known self-taught astronomer who runs his own observatory just outside Tokyo, published on its Internet site his prediction that a quake with a magnitude of 7 or greater was likely to strike the metropolitan area on Tuesday or Wednesday.

There was a 5.7 on the 20th 50 miles from Tokyo

Then of course, the 8.3 yesterday...  Which one did he predict? 

Its so hard to judge these things when there are years between signals for large quakes.  Maybe if there were a network of astronomers that looked for this wave flux throughout the world, it might help to answer the question as to whether there is any validity in the method. 

This same method was used in southern california by a couple of amateur earthquake people after the Northridge quake and did 'predict' the major aftershocks of that quake based on this wave flux.

I think there's some validity to the method, but don't know enough about astronomy to set up the proper equipment.


At 05:18 PM 9/26/03 +0200, you wrote:
Hi all,
I am in wrong or a so called quake forecaster said
something about a BIG ONE in Japan, not much days ago?


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