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Subject: S-500
From: Henry Bland bland@...........
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2003 21:43:47 -0600

We have come across some Teledyne Geotech S-500 short period 
seismometers that spent many years on the side of Turtle Mountain in the 
Crowsnest Pass, Canada (  We're currently 
re-instrumenting the mountain and are contemplating re-installing these 
old S-500s on some spare channels (our focus is on seismicity of much 
higher frequency).  Are seismometers of this vintage still trustworthy?  
They've been buried (unprotected) in soil for 15 years.  They look ok 
externally, but we haven't bench tested them (don't have the pin-out).   
I don't have the specs/manuals for these seismometers (I'm sure someone 
at Geotech Instruments can help).  If anyone off-hand knows the 
specifications for these seismometers I would appreciate a note.

-Henry Bland


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