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Subject: RE: Driver for dataq required
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Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2003 18:31:31 +1200

Hello John,

This has been one big adventure for me from day one :)

I have a standalone networked pc that is running the webserver software
etc.  I am using a screen capture programme called snagit, it has a
timer built it and captures the screen every x number of seconds, and
writes it to the web directory as a gif file.

I then wrote the webpage to refresh the image within the page every 4
minutes.  If you need the javascript let me know :)

I made my seismometer from bits and pieces I had lying around,  Its
based on the AS1 design, being vertical.  I am waiting on a digital
camera so will take some pics and send to you.


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Hi Daniel,

Nice web site.  I don't have the driver that you need, but am interested
in some more details about your web site.  How are you getting the
screen shot onto the web?

There is a new version of AmaSeis on Alan Jones' web site with some
added features to make it easy to get the time of phase arrivals.

What seismometer are you using?

John Lahr
Golden, CO

At 05:22 PM 9/30/2003, you wrote:
>I am new to the list and the world of seismology.  I have just
constructed my
>first seismometer and have made a website for all to see the records.
>like to change the software to seismowin, but require a dataq driver
for it.
>Having read through the archives I noticed someone was offering it?  Is
>still available?
>Anyway here is the link to my page
>In Wellington New Zealand.
>Thanks in advance
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