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Subject: RE: Atmospheric Pressure
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Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2003 22:12:40 -0500

Ok, I remember the day in April, 1974, when there were over 100 =
tornadoes in
the Midwest.  We were in southern Indiana visiting friends, I was about =
we were just sitting around talking and then the whole house shook.  We
thought it was Dad fooling around in the kitchen.   But it was decided =
it was an earthquake. We were near Paoli, Indiana(Orange County).  I
remember driving home and hearing all the radio broadcasts about one =
right after another.  The KY state fairgrounds was destroyed and I think
Xenia, Ohio.  Anyone else remember that day?=20

Dianne Combs,  Bill's wifey, just sneaking a peak at his mail. =20

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There was an incident along the New Madrid fault -- southern Illinois -- =
the late sixties or early seventies (I don't have the details right off =
top of my head) that occurred within an hour or two of the passing a =
severe low which was followed by a very strong, cold high.
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Subject: Re: Atmospheric Pressure

> There was an interesting paper in Science some years back that showed =
> fairly convincing correlation between certain wavelength atmospheric
> disturbances (harmonic order in the 20s or so) and a seismically
> detectable excitation in the Earth at the same wavelengths. Another
> paper in Nature showed annual modulation of Landers aftershocks with
> activity peaking in September. I think there is pay dirt there, but
> I've not followed the developments...some times these claims are even
> retracted after further analysis and thought. Some current paradigms =
> seismicity, e.g. chaos theory, might suggest that every little factor
> can have an effect on seismicity (like the butterfly effect).


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