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Subject: FYI cheap instrumentation confernece
From: sismos@..............
Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2004 22:27:25 +0000

Hi All,

cheap instrumentation confernece.

Just a note to announce a conference that I in conjucntion with the Jens
Havskov are putting on in my town of Volcan, Panama.  The sessions are
mostly in Spanish and the main topic is how to make inexpensive seismic stations
and networks.

Jens is a seismic instrumentation professor at the University on
Bergen in Norway and visited me last summer.  He liked my network and
array and suggested a conference and I took the bait.  We have invited
two seismologist from each Central American country along with some
folks from Spain, Italy, the US and South America.  We expect about 30

A quick and preliminary description is at:

Registration cost:

If anyone has any questions or suggestion for content I am very open.  The focus is
on inexpensive instrumentation.



Some information links below:


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