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Subject: Re: Which tool made this display?
From: rem11560@...........
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2004 02:45:16 GMT

  Steve Hammond asked about how my volume file 040326.153000.rem.psn was made. Larry Cochrane implied that it was necessary to use both the current beta version of WinSDR and the the current beta version of WinQuake to view these files.

  I do not use WinSDR for data logging.  I use the Dataq DI-154 A/D for data acquisiton and a combination of Dataq's and my own software for data logging, filtering, and PSN Type 4 event file preparation.

  All I need to prepare volume files is the current WinQuake. The files must have the same starting time and sample rate (and maybe site location). They usually come from different sensors, but they can also be from the same sensor processed in different ways, provided you give the sensor a different name for each file in the volume.

  All the filtering and comments should be in their final form before creating a volume file. I find that attempting to modify the individual files in a volume file leads to a cross-talk situation. Also, any data operations performed in the volume file is applied to all channels.

  WinQuake allows easy saving of a volume file as separate channel files, if that is your wish.

Bob McClure
Locust Valley, NY

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