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Subject: Re: Software for Radio Shack DI-150RS
From: Stephen & Kathy skmort@..........
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2004 22:47:12 -0700

Hi Dewayne,,   I run a DI-150RS  which I bought from Radio Shack some
years ago!
The program they sent with the unit did not work,,,,    I had to
download a program from the Dataq web site,,,   (you now have to
register to get to their support site,,,   I haven't bothered to
register yet,,   so I don't know what their latest versions might be!)
I am now running version 2.66   the downloaded program is named  
new100nt.exe    it has both the record and playback   programs as well
as some samples and is about 2,106 kb!
I also have a version  2.72  which I haven't tried yet,,,   it is
supposed to have event triggers,,,    it is also called  new100nt.exe
and is about 2,877 kb
During setup, it asks which dataq unit you have, so it will run several
(but not all) dataq units???   Off hand I don't remember which ones they
If you think you would like to try them, I will be glad to burn either,
or both on a CD  and send them to you!!   My email is    

psn Station #55
38.828N  120.979W

> Dewayne Hill wrote:
> I had to format my hard drive. I lost my software for my DR-150RS.
> If anyone has a copy can you send it to me?
> Dewayne Hill - n0ssy
> N39 50.139
> W105 3.748

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