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Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2004 14:19:55 -0800

I might have what you need, Jim.  I think I have parts for a Sprengnether 
5000 vertical or
horizontal, I cannot remember which.  Give me some time to find them and 
see if they
match what you're after.


At 11:57 AM 4/11/2004, Meredith Lamb wrote:

>Hi Jim,
>Highly doubt a spare will be found due to the age of the
>discontinued many years ago....even though it a very reliable and highly
>I think its a piece one can either carefully homebrew or have a machine
>shop ($)
>make.  I think the part can be made from 1/2" X 1/2" X ~1.75" length
>keystock iron
>found in hardware stores.  Its sold as square rods about 1 foot long.
>"IF", you try this,
>I'd take along a file to make sure the keystock is metal workable (the iron
>can be filed);
>some keystock is heat treated and is so hardened it might not be workable.
>It doesn't
>have to be a exact match of the original to function.    After drilling the
>wire hole; I'd
>install two setscrews on another opposite side, to hold the wire from
>moving.  The
>boom "prong" holes are probably deep enough to where its about 2/3rds
>through the
>thickness for stability.  With your boom prongs, you can measure their
>relative distance
>from the centered wire hole center.   Making this part is probably the only
>Take care, Meredith
> > [Original Message]
> > From: Larry Cochrane 
> > To: 
> > Date: 4/10/2004 11:43:38 PM
> >
> > Hi everyone,
> >
> > I was asked by Jim Allen to forward the following message to the list. He
> > uses AOL so he's not on the PSN-L list any more. -Larry
> >
> > I just received a Spregnether 5000 long period horizontal seismometer
> > similar to the ones on Meredith Lamb's website.  However, it is missing
> > lower far rear piece that clamps the pivot wire.  Its the piece that
> > just ahead of the frame (approximately 2+ inches long).  If anyone has
> > or know a source for parts for this unit I would appreciate hearing from
> > them so I can get the unit working.
> > If anyone can help, please respond directly to my email: radiotel@.......
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