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Subject: Re: computer time sync
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Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 01:20:25 -0700

The time stamping of the data is preformed on the A/D board not on the
computer running WinSDR. If you want very accurate timing, down to a few
milliseconds, you will need to use GPS. The GPS receiver connects up to the
A/D board so it can uses the highly accuracy 1 pulse per second signal
generated by the GPS receiver to time stamp the data. See for a GPS timing system that will
work with my A/D board.

You can use the computer running WinSDR to supply timing information to the
A/D board. In the WinSDR system settings dialog box select "Local" timing
reference type. When this timing mode is selected the A/D board interrogates
the computer for the current time of day.

I found that the NT port of NTP works very well under Win2K. If you have a
DSL line, and can find a good time server that is near by, you can achieve a
timing accuracy of around 10 to 20 milliseconds. While searching around I
found this Windows port of NTP:

Larry Cochrane
Redwood City, PSN

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Subject: computer time sync

> I am using Dimension 4 to sync the time on the computer that runs only
> WinSDR. My time seems to vary. In an event yesterday, St. Louis network
> my computer were 20 seconds off for the same event. Any suggestions?
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