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Subject: Re: Any suggestions?
From: Tobin Fricke tobin@..........
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2004 12:08:02 -0700

Steve Hammond wrote:

>For a simple screen capture program I really like Grabit Pro found on the
>Web. It's about $35 to register it and the guy that developed it will send
>you the key via email and mail you a copy. I use it all the time for all
>kinds of applications. Excellent Rating.
If you're just taking screen shots, there are plenty of free programs 
that will do it. (The basic screen shot functionality is already in 
Windows, IIRC -- Alt-PrintScreen or somesuch key combination will copy 
the current display image to the clipboard).   One such program is The 
Gimp (, a completely free application that tries to 
do everything that Photoshop can do.  Notably it allows you to take 
screen shots of the entire screen or only of a single window, and it is 



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