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Subject: RE: Clarification -- I want this to occur automatically so I can
From: "Daniel" dhindry@...............
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2004 14:25:08 +1200

I think this is what you are after.  I have implemented this on my site
and find it really useful. 

The image is set to update every 10 seconds, and the webpage html code
also tells the page to reload every 10 seconds. 

This can be changed to how ever you like it. 

The program I use that captures the screen is called Snagit from

It allows you to set up captures and put the file anywhere you like,
including sending it via ftp etc.

If your computer is also your html server then any capture program will
do.  As long as it does automatic timed captures. 

Then you just have to call up the image file using html in a page like I

Daniel Hindry


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