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Subject: Re: are these real?
From: sismos@..............
Date: Fri, 7 May 2004 21:49:29 -0400

Hello Dick,

I took a peek at most of the seismograms on your page and with the
exception of the one in Costa Rica I really could not see anything.

I don't see how you could get SDR to trigger on those signals.

I would say things are not right, I can't say what off hand. In the CR
set I don't see much difference between the lehman and the geophones,
maybe use a bit of filtering.

With your lehman are you able to see something around six seconds,
you should. I think that that would be an indicator that your long
period device is more or less working.

As I recall you had some pictures posted of you lehman, are they still
up? What is the setup of you different stations?


Friday, May 7, 2004, 1:17:29 PM, you wrote:

t> I have put some seismograms(?) out on Internet. Site is
t> It will look just like a disk on your computer. Would anyone have time to
t> give me some constructive criticism?

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