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Subject: Re: Dataq DI-194RS Question
From: John or Jan Lahr johnjan@........
Date: Sat, 05 Jun 2004 07:47:54 -0700

Dear Mike,

I don't think your problem is with the operating system.  Which software 
are you using?
I would suggest using the free program AmaSeis.  You can get it from Alan 
Jones' web

Give it a try and let me know if you have any problems.

John Lahr

At 09:47 AM 6/4/2004, you wrote:
>I have a Dell Latitude 610 running Windows XP Professional.  I installed
>a Dataq DI-194RS with which to hook up my Geo-Space Geophone to monitor
>local blasting at a nearby quarry.  Installation went fine, but the
>program runs without displaying on the screen.  I have a similar problem
>with a printed circuit board design program named WinBoard.
>I'm at my wits end and am considering junking XP Pro and installing
>Windows 2000 Pro, with which I never have had any problems.  Anybody out
>there run into the same problem?  Any suggestions?   Is this solely an
>XP quirk?
>Any help would be appreciated.
>Mike Lozano
>Chief Meteorologist
>News 9 San Antonio
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